is cooking your favorite hobby?

Do you want to pass on your recipes?

Or do you cook every now and then and always find the right combination of flavors, but when you want to repeat your discovery you don’t remember the procedures and the ingredients anymore?

The solution is there and it is also a perfect, simple and effective gift, to give at Christmas …

recipes of my home

a book, to be written, WITH 20 DIFFERENT COVERS

Read here below why it will be very useful to you

le ricette di casa mia libro da scrivere

The story

“The Recipes of My Home” was born from a fairly complex project, but with a very simple concept: to create a sort of “recorder” to capture and rediscover your creativity in the kitchen.

The book was completely designed from scratch based on the needs identified by a special survey carried out online and also with the help of some professional chefs, the result is this book, the answer to everything you need to have. A tool containing the greatest number of relevant information and superfast to consult.

Yes, this book is exactly that, pertinent and well organized information, very quick to consult, starting from the book itself which has white spaces on the spine and on the cover to be able to put a title on the book and also number it to recognize it among others and the pages have some special signs that you can color to find what you want even when the book is closed (yes when the book is closed), in addition, at the end, there are also 4 bookmarks to cut out and use for the recipes you use often.

It is a unique tool that is not even comparable to what you can find on the market, simply because there is no one like it, if we want to compare it to the others, the others are lined notebooks with a nice cover.

Look on the side at the page you will use for the recipes … >>

how space is used

Below you can see how the page is structured, how much space you have available and how to quickly search for recipes (so far no one has this system, we are the first, keep it in mind).

The upper part is dedicated to all the boxes that are used to classify the recipe and if you do not want to put the photo you can write more notes.

On the right side (of this example page, but remember that the pages are mirrored) you will find 5 tabs that you can color according to what you have written in the recipe and 2 are customizable. These tabs are visible even just by flicking with your thumb so you can quickly find what you need.

The page is optimally formatted so you can write a lot of ingredients and you also have plenty of space for the preparation that merge in the end and allows you to balance the space for the ingredients and the space for the preparation so you can keep the recipe in order without having to add sheets.

Below there is a special space to take note of the changes to be made “after tasting” so there will be no cancellations and everything will be in order.

The notes are instead used to remind you who liked your recipe, if you are a professional you can write to who you gave it otherwise take note of what your loved ones say.

At the end of the book you will find the instructions and, on a separate page, the bookmarks to cut out to always have immediately what you need.

the covers

20 different covers!

They allow you to choose at a glance the book you need even without reading the spine (yes, because on the spine there is a blank space for the title and one for the number of the book), in order to identify it even if stored in the library …

or even just to be able to match the colors of your kitchen ❤️.

As you can see from the photo, even on the front cover a blank space has been created to write the number of the book.

Le ricette di casa mia
recipes of my home
recipes of my home


give yourself or give away

recipes of my home

A simple and effective gift that will never disappoint. Give yourself an exclusive gift, buy your book to write today for yourself or for your friends, a unique book that has no equal, a book that you create over time and will be the result of your creativity and passion. Give it as a gift and you will make a great impression. Click below and go to our page that contains all the covers, you can see and choose the one you like best …

recipes of my home
copertine ricette da scrivere
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