A Complete Guide on How to Quickly Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

A complete and comprehensive guide. You will find all the explanations to follow the diet, including Q&A and insights. Also includes a delicious recipe book that you can enjoy while keeping your diet under control. Included in the book, you will also find a 7 days planner so you can keep track of your diet without leaving the book. If instead you buy the Kindle, you can download the planner, for free, with the link you will find in the book.
You too can rediscover the energy and happiness to feel you light by following this formidable diet.

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Rachele Parkesson was born and raised in the Czech Republic but moved to the United States to pursue her dream as an author and dietician. She now lives in sunny California, south of Los Angeles, with her partner and their dog.

Rachele left school at 18 and immediately started a university course in the city of Brno, studying nutrition. After graduation she found herself a job in Prague and worked there for 4 years before an exciting opportunity to work in the US for 6 months arose. That short period led to a full-time position, and Rachele quickly settled into her new life.

As a nutritionist, Rachele has always been interested in helping people to eat better and life healthier lives. Weight loss plays a big part in her treatment, and she soon realized that writing books on the subject would help her reach out to a lot more people.

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